Emma Ellice Flint

Emma Ellice Flint

Clinical Nutritionist and former chef Emma Ellice Flint is passionate about making a difference to people’s lives through food and nutrition. She founded her practice with the aim of giving clients the knowledge they need to create healthy lives for themselves and their families.

Emma works at The Newson Health Menopause And Wellbeing Centre in Stratford-Upon-Avon, England. She sees women with all conditions but digestive wellness and hormone balance are topics close to her heart. So much so that she wrote an evidenced-based cookbook about female hormone balance called The Happy Hormone Cookbook.

She brings together 9 years of clinical experience, evidence-based nutritional advice, a wealth of knowledge about food and the excitement that goes with that understanding.

Emma works alongside the doctors at the Newson Health Menopause And Wellbeing Centre. She believes whole food eating, evidenced based nutrition advice, and quality supplements where needed, is the basis for good health. This is the reason she choose Newson Health supplements as her preferred supplement choice.

Emma regularly attends ongoing professional education, keeping up to date in the field of nutrition. And apart from clinic work, runs nutrition cooking workshops and talks.


About our products

Emma believes that ‘food is medicine’ and good health stems from whole food eating. However she recognises that in practice sometimes a person can’t get all the specific nutrients they may need to function optimally; Or they may require a boost to see them through a stressful time.

Emma’s Nutrition Shop only sells the very best in Nutritional Supplementation. Emma choose the Newson Health range of supplements for her shop because of their impressive quality and because they provide specific, straightforward solutions for daily supplementation, simplifying their use.

The UK manufacturer of the Newson Health supplements combines experience going back over twenty five years with the work of a dedicated group of nutrition practitioners, naturopaths and scientists.

The supplement products are UK manufactured under a Quality Management System accredited by ISO 9001:2000 and to HFMA GMP standards.

About our products